I-INCE Symposia

Sponsoring of I-INCE Symposia

  • The I-INCE Board will consider requests for sponsorship of an international symposium on a specialized noise control engineering topic with an anticipated small attendance (typically no more than 100).
  • Symposium can include workshop or other types of meeting on topics that are central to the I-INCE mission [i-ince.org].
  • Symposium organization should not conflict with or, adversely affect the success of INTER-NOISE Congresses.
  • Symposium organizers can apply for a grant from 1500 to 5000 Euros.
  • Examples of previously sponsored symposia can be found at the end of this I-INCE Technical Activity page: I-INCE Sponsored Symposia\

How to Apply:


I-INCE Sponsored Symposia

2022TQA Virtual Workshop: Noise Around Airports a Global Perspective

The "Noise Around Airports; A Global Perspective” workshop, held in November 2022, examined the state of airport noise globally; and progress made in various countries toward reducing airport noise and its negative effects on the public. Its final report is available here.
VirtualTamar Nordenberg
2017Workshop on Flow Induced Noise and Vibration - Issues and Aspects (FLINOVIA II)
Second Workshop on Flow Induced Noise and Vibration - Issues and Aspects (FLINOVIA II) was organized by Stephen Hambric and Amanda Hanford, and held (April 27-27, 2017) at the Penn State University, USA.30 presentations by internationally known researchers were given, half from speakers outside the USA, on topics ranging from fluid dynamics of turbulent flow, to structural excitation and response, to radiated sound. The I-INCE report (Inter-Noise 2017 paper) summarizes the current state-of-the-art in flow-induced noise and vibration, drawing examples from the presentations at the FLINOVIA. Computational and experimental methods are discussed, along with recent applications of methodologies to aerospace and marine vehicles and turbomachinery. A video-taped/recorded version of the Inter-Noise 2017 paper is available here. See this link for more details on the Symposium: http://www.flinovia.org/ftp.flinovia.org/Penn_State,_2017.html
Penn State Univ., State College, PA, USA Stephen Hambric, Amanda Hanford
2016Buy Quiet
The "Buy-Quiet" was organized by TSG 10, and held in conjunction with INTER-NOISE 2016. The I-INCE Board authorized 5000 Euros for this 1-day symposium. Information about the Symposium may be found at the following web address: http://www.bruit.fr/buyquiet/.
Hamburg, Germany Marco Beltman, Robert Hellweg, Patrick Kurtz
2015Engineering a Quieter America: Progress on Consumer and Industrial Product Noise Reduction
The symposium on "Engineering a Quieter America: Progress on Consumer and Industrial Product Noise Reduction", a follow-up to the 2010 National Academy of Engineering workshop on Technology for a Quieter America report , was held over 2015 October 6-7 at the National Academies' Keck Center in Washington, DC. This symposium was organized by the INCE Foundation, Technology for a Quieter America Follow-up Team, and INCE/USA. The I-INCE VP of Technical Activities attended this symposium and made a presentation on I-INCE mission and activities. The final report on this symposium is available here.
Washington, DC USA Adnan Akay, Eric Wood, George Maling
2014Cost-Benefit Analysis-Noise Barriers and Quieter Pavements
The symposium "Cost-Benefit Analysis-Noise Barriers and Quieter Pavements" was held 2014 January 16 at National Academies' Keck Center in Washington, DC. The I-INCE Board authorized 5000 Euros. This is the fifth symposium of the I-INCE symposium series. The report can be found here.
Washington, DC, USA Judy Rochat, William Lang
2013Lessening the Severe Health Effects of EU Traffic Noise by Emission Reductions
The purpose of the I-INCE Seminar in 2013 in Innsbruck, Austria ("Lessening the severe health effects of traffic noise in cities by emission reductions") was to clarify the effectiveness of present methods and policies used to investigate the possibilities to achieve a substantial reduction in road traffic noise, the major noise source in cities around the world. For more information, please visit www.ta.chalmers.se. Under the heading "Quieter Cities of the Future" are two links.
  • The report includes the main findings, conclusions and recommendations.
  • The Source Book includes all presentations and discussions.
Innsbruck, Austria Tor Kihlman
2012Noisy Motorcycles - An Environmental Quality-of-Life Issue
The Symposium was held on 2012 October 24 on the subject of "Noisy Motorcycles - An Environmental Quality-of-Life Issue" at the National Academy of Engineering in Washington DC. The report is available on the INCE/USA website at this link.
Washington, DC, USA George Maling, William Lang
2011Inducing "Buy-Quiet" Purchasing Attitudes through Simplified Product Noise Ratings
The Symposium was held on 2011 July 5-6 on the subject of "Inducing "Buy-Quiet" Purchasing Attitudes through Simplified Product Noise Ratings". This was the first I-INCE sponsored symposium. Presentation PDFs can be found at the symposium website here.
Jean Tourett Paris, France

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