I-INCE started the distinguished I-INCE lecture series in 2017. This involves selection of a plenary speaker at an INTER-NOISE or an I-INCE Symposium (in consultation with the congress and symposium organizers) and then to disseminate the lecture video on a topic that may appeal to a wider audience.

  • I-INCE Lecture (2018) on Sound Quality presented at INTER-NOISE 2018 in Chicago.
    International INCE, Published on August, 2018
    I-INCE Distinguished Lecture (2018) on Integration of Sound Quality into Product Design. Dr. Patricia provides an overview of the processes required to integrate sound quality assessments into product design. This lecture is recommended for both technical and non-technical audience.
  • I-INCE Lecture (2017) on Tire Noise
    International INCE, Published on Nov 24, 2017

    I-INCE Distinguished Lecture (2017) on Tire Noise and Quiet Roads. Dr. Paul Donavan provides a comprehensive review of the tire noise issues and the role of payment, and suggests measurement methods and noise control solutions. Comparative sound files illustrate the concepts. This lecture is recommended for both technical and non-technical audience. For a preview of the I-INCE Lecture (2017) on Tire Noise Go Here.
  • Lecture on Flow Induced Noise & Vibration
    International INCE, Published on Dec 1, 2017

    This lecture presents a report on the 2017 I-INCE Symposium in April 2017 at Penn State University (USA). Dr. Stephen Hambric highlights some of the work presented at the 2nd Flow Induced Noise and Vibration – Issues and Aspects (FLINOVIA II) Symposium. This lecture is recommended for both noise control engineering professionals and students.

A number of Plenary and Keynote lecture from various INTER-NOISE congresses are also available to watch. A selection includes the following :

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