The INTER-NOISE Congresses are the largest international gathering of experts in noise control engineering each year. The INTER-NOISE Congresses have been held each year since 1972 at venues around the world. The Congresses include a large technical program consisting of papers and posters on all topics of noise control engineering. Papers summarizing these presentations are collected into a Proceedings document that is available for reference after the Congress. The Congresses also include an exhibition of the latest products and instrumentation for noise control engineering.

A Member Society (or a group of Member Societies) may express its desire to host a future INTER-NOISE Congress by submitting an informal proposal in writing to the CSC Secretary. Check Part 3 of Rules & Procedures (I-INCE CONGRESS SELECTION COMMITTEE, Article 9) for more details.

The INTER-NOISE Congress has a rich history stemming back to 1972. A collection of photos and information on the congresses throughout the years is available here

Upcoming Congresses

INTER-NOISE 2026: Adelaide, Australia

INTER-NOISE 2025: Sao Paulo, Brazil

INTER-NOISE 2024 : Nantes, France

Future Congress Technical Planners (FCTP)

The Future Congress Technical Planners (FCTP) meeting includes the I-INCE Vice President for Technical Activities, general and technical chairs for future approved congresses, people interested in organizing sessions or a group of sessions at the next congress, the FCTP Advisory Committee, as well as recent past congress general and technical chairs. The goal is to offer advice on all aspects of congress technical planning including the maximum number of parallel sessions, the type of Structured Sessions, the need for Poster Sessions, etc. The FCTP may recommend new concepts for future INTER-NOISE Congresses. The concepts may involve items that are specific to a particular Congress and which depend upon local circumstances and local ideas. The FCTP holds two meetings at the INTER-NOISE Congress, a Pre-FCTP meeting on Sunday and the full FCTP meeting on Wednesday. The Pre-FCTP meeting is an informal meeting wherein the minutes of the previous FCTP meeting are discussed, and the technical plans for the next congress are explained. The full FCTP meeting discusses the technical plan for the next two congresses and the experience of the congress that has just ended. The principal task is to assist the Organizing Committees of future INTER-NOISE Congresses with planning for Structured (or Special) Sessions as well as Poster Sessions. The primary efforts focus on the next Congress, but ideas may be considered for the next + 1 or even the next + 2 Congress.

Past Congresses
YearCity, CountryCongress PresidentHost Society
11972Washington, USAM.J. CrockerINCE-USA
21973Copenhagen, DenmarkF. IngerslevDAS
31974Washington, USAJ.C. JohnsonINCE-USA
41975Sendai, JapanT. NimuraASJ
51976Washington, USAP.K. BaadeINCE-USA
61977Zurich, SwitzerlandE.H. RothauserI-INCE
71978San Francisco, USAW.W. LangINCE-USA
81979Warsaw, PolandS. CzarneckiPAN
91980Miami, USAG.C. MalingINCE-USA
101981Amsterdam, NetherlandsV.M.A. PeutzNAG
111982San Francisco, USAJ.G. SeeboldINCE-USA
121983Edinburgh, UKE.J. RichardsIoA
131984Honolulu, USAW.W. LangINCE-USA
141985Munich, GermanyE. ZwickerVDI
151986Cambridge, USAR.H. LyonINCE-USA
161987Bejing, ChinaD.Y. MaaAS
171988Avignon, FranceJ. MatteiSFA
181989Newport Beach, USAG.C. MalingINCE-USA
191990Gothenburg, SwedenT. KihlmanSAS
201991Sydney, AustraliaA. LawrenceAAS
211992Toronto, CanadaT.F.W. EmbletonCAA & INCE-USA
221993Leuven, BelgiumA. CopsABAV
231994Yokohama, JapanM. KoyasuINCE/J & ASJ
241995Newport Beach, USAA.H. MarshINCE-USA
251996Liverpool, UKB. BerryIoA
261997Budapest, HungaryA. IllenyiOPAKFI
271998Christchurch, New ZelandH. MarshallNZAS
281999Fort Lauderdale, USAJ. Cuschieri & D. YeagerINCE-USA
292000Nice, FranceM. ValletSFA
302001The Hague, HollandT.T. WoldeNAG
312002Dearborn, USAR. SinghINCE-USA
322003Jeju, South KoreaH.J. EunKSNVE/ASK
332004Prague, Czech RepublicJ. NovakCAS
342005Rio de Janeiro, BrazilS.N.Y. GergesINCE/SOBRAC
352006Honolulu, USAD. Holger & S. KuwanoINCE-USA & INCE-Japan
362007Istanbul, TurkeyT. BelekTAS
372008Shanghai, ChinaJing TianASC & IACAS
382009Ottawa, CanadaTrevor Nightingale & Joe CuschieriINCE-USA & CAA
392010Lisbon, PortugalJ. Patricio & A. Pérez LópezSPA & SEA
402011Osaka, JapanIchiro YamadaINCE/J & ASJ
412012New York, USASteve HambricINCE-USA
422013Innsbruck, AustriaWerner TalaschOZL (ANAA)
432014Melbourne, AustraliaNorm BronerAAS
442015San Francisco, USAPaul DonavanINCE-USA
452016Hamburg, GermanyOtto von EstorffDEGA
462017Hong Kong, ChinaTom Ho & Li ChengHKIOA & HKPolyU
472018Chicago, USACharlie Moritz & Joe CuschieriINCE-USA
482019Madrid, SpainAntonio Perez-LopezSEA
492020Seoul, KoreaSemyung WangKSNVE
502021Washington D.C., USARaj Singh & Dave AkkermanINCE-USA
512022Glasgow, UKBarry GibbsIoA
522023Chiba, JapanShinichi SakamotoINCE-J, ASJ

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