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I-Ince Technical Activities

I-INCE coordinates a number of technical activities across the world. It is probably best known for its support of the yearly INTER-NOISE congress, but there are a wide number of technical activities that I-INCE supports. These activities are largely run through the office of I-INCE Vice President – Technical Activities. A list of activities are available to browse through on the menu to the left.

  • Rajendra Singh (2009-2017) and Patricia Davies (2018 – Present)
  • I-INCE Vice President – Technical Activities
Overview of Techincal Activities
Overview of Technical Study Groups (TSG)VariousEach group studies one important aspect of noise and its effect on society, and then issues a formal I-INCE report
Future Congress Technical Planners Meeting (FCTP)VP of Technical Activities and next INTERNOISE Technical Program ChairPlan the technical programs of next congresses and offer advice on other aspects via meetings held at congress. Next meeting be held 1-2pm (lunch) Wednesday 2019 June 19 at INTER-NOISE 2019 in Madrid.
Young Professionals Grant ProgramI-INCE YP Coordinator and VP Technical ActivitiesOffers up to 20 travel grants (600 Euro per recipient) to young professionals to attend the next INTER-NOISE Congress
Young Professionals Workshop I-INCE YP Coordinator and VP of Technical Activities A mentorship session for young professionals and students held at INTER-NOISE congress
Practice of Noise Control Case Studies School VP of Technical Activities, Luigi Maffei and Joe Cuschieri May be help on the Sunday before the INTER-NOISE Congress Opening Ceremony. By invitation only. Four presentations focused on different Noise-Control problems with lunch. First held in 2018 in Chicago.
I-INCE Annually Sponsored Symposia VariousSymposia on Noise sponsored by I-INCE. Applications due in April in the year before the symposium takes place. Application for Symposia in 2020 due 2019 April 30.
Miscellaneous Various
  1. I-INCE report on noise control engineering education (based on the books on prior education workshops).
  2. I-INCE Website and Information Dissemination
  3. Represent I-INCE on the ICA Board
  4. I-INCE Lecture Videos (2017, 2018, 2019)
I-INCE Reports

The following TSG reports have been published, and are available on the I-INCE web site:

Overview of Technical Study Groups

The principal technical activities of I-INCE are carried out by I-INCE Technical Study Groups (TSGs) authorized by the I-INCE General Assembly on recommendation of the I-INCE Board of Directors. The following is a summary of the activities of each group. The conveners of the Technical Study Groups are also listed where available.

8 Reports by TSGs (in the past 2 decades); all are posted on site (see Appendix for a listing)
TSG 1 to 9 disbanded after they completed their work

Technical Studies Groups

1Noise of Recreational Activities in Outdoor Areas Philip Dickenson DisbandedFinal Report posted on the I-INCE web site
2Noise Labels for consumer and Industrial Products Bernard Berry DisbandedGathered material transmitted to co-conveners of TSG 7 for possible use
3Assessment of the Effectiveness of Noise Policies and Regulations Hideki Tachibana, William LangDisbandedFinal Report posted on the I-INCE web site
4Noise and Reverberation Control for Schoolrooms Zerhan Yuksel, Carsten Svensson DisbandedWork terminated due to lack of progress
5Noise as a Global Policy IssueLawrence FinegoldDisbandedFinal Report published in NCEJ and posted on the I-INCE web site
6Environmental Noise Impact Assessment and MitigationLawrence FinegoldDisbandedFinal report posted on th I-INCE website
7harmonization and IMplementation of Global Noise PoliciesWilliam Lang, Tjeert ten WoldeDisbandedAn I-INCE Noise Control Evaluation Panel has been established to continue this work.
8Metrics for Environmental Noise Assessment and ControlAndre Fiebig, Paul SchomerDisbandedFinal report completed and published on the I-INCE site in 2015​
9"Buy Quiet" Programs"Marco Beltman, Robert HellwegActiveBuy Quiet Symposium held in 2016 right after IN16 Congress in Hamburg Final report draft is completed
NCTCI-INCE Noise Control Technology CommitteeTor Kihlman, William LangDisbanded

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