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The International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE) was founded in 1974. It is a worldwide consortium of organizations concerned with noise control, acoustics and vibration. The primary focus of the Institute is on unwanted sounds and on vibrations producing such sounds when transduced.

I-INCE is the only organization that has a worldwide coverage of the issue of noise control technology. It has the ability to identify global noise control issues, discuss them on a global scale and communicate its findings with nearly all nations in the world. In the present connected world this might be a unique position that brings opportunities but also responsibilities.

Spotlight on INTER-NOISE 2024

The French Acoustical Society and the organising committee are pleased to host the 53rd International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering in Nantes, France, on 25-29 August 2024. The congress will favour rich scientific interaction and strong social link within experts in noise control engineering.

Nantes (France) is a fast-growing city on the French Atlantic coast. With its booming economy and thriving cultural scene, Nantes is one of the new up and coming European destinations. Known for its eclectic sights and architecture, as well as its quality of life recognised by the European Green Capital label, Nantes regularly comes first of the most liveable cities.

Tor Kihlman, Professor Emeritus of Chalmers University and President of I-INCE from 2000 to 2003, passed away in April, 2024.
During Inter-Noise 2016 in Hamburg, I-INCE held a ceremony honoring Professor Kihlman for his leadership and contributions to the I-INCE and to global noise policy.

The speech by former President of I-INCE, Joachim Scheuren, and posted at , describes the career and the professional successes of Tor Kihlman as well as his personal characteristics that so many members of the our technical and scientific community benefited from and came to appreciate.

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