The Slovenian Acoustical Society


The Slovenian Acoustical Society (SAS) was founded on 1997 October 22 in Ljubljana with the participation of 50 members active in noise and vibration. The lead founder of the society was Mirko Cudina who was its first and is now its current president. The SAS was established as a non-profit scientific society with the main purpose of assisting Slovenian engineers to respond to the increasing demands for control of environmental noise and noisy products. Today, the society has 85 individual members and 7 liaison members, from various areas of interest such as physics, mechanical, architectural, electrical and environmental engineering, medicine, psychology, and musical and speech acoustics.

The society is one of the most prominent and active professional societies in Slovenia, maintaining a strong tie with university and industry in Slovenia and abroad. SAS is a member of ZSITS (a domestic association) and several international associations, such as I-INCE, EAA, and IIAV. The activities of the Slovenian acoustical society are defined by its bylaws, and deal with education, lectures, seminars, workshops, and publications in the field of acoustics as well as congress activities and implementation and development of national legislation and international standards in acoustics.

The society organizes a congress each second year. The first congress, with international participation and an equipment exposition, was held in 1998 October. Delegates from 12 countries participated in the congress, among them eight distinguished professors from the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Austria and Slovenia who presented keynote lectures. The papers presented at the Congress have been published in the Congress Proceedings and the best papers have been published in two issues of the Journal of Mechanical Engineering published in Slovenia.

In January 2000, the first two 2-day seminar on Noise and Vibration was organized. The first part of the seminar was devoted to start-of-the-art developments in transportation noise, and the second part was devoted to architectural acoustics, acoustical materials, noise at home and in the workplace, and community noise.

The Second Congress of the Slovenian acoustical society with international participation and an equipment exposition will be held on 2000 September 21-22 at the modern seaside resort of Portoroz, which is the most beautiful area of the Slovenian part of the Adriatic coast. The congress will cover all aspects of acoustics, noise and vibration in which the members of SAS are active. Topics to be covered include: Sound generation and radiation, low frequency noise and vibration, techniques for noise reduction at the source, active noise and vibration control, passive noise control elements, community noise, the effects of noise and vibration on people and animals, occupational noise, noise and vibration measuring techniques, numerical methods in acoustics modeling (FEM/BEM, SEA, MA), and technical diagnostics architectural and buildings acoustics, electroacoustics, hydroacoustics, signal processing and statistical methods, musical acoustics, auditory and speech acoustics, and legislative acoustics.

The papers presented at the Congress will be published in Congress Proceedings and the best will be published in the Slovenian Journal of Mechanical Engineering. For further information about this Congress and Society, please contact the Congress or Society Secretariat by e-mail:, or from the home page:

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