The Noise & Vibration Group of the Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore


The Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore (EESS) is an independent, non- profit, non-governmental organization. Established in 1978, the society is composed of three interest groups — the Noise and Vibration Group, the Clean Air Group and Water and the Wastewater Group.

The Society is financed by member subscriptions and by specialist activities such as offering specialized short courses, seminars, and workshops. There are four categories of membership: individual, associate, company, and student. Members come from all professions connected with environmental control. Sponsor company members are organizations that include consultants, manufacturers, engineering contractors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers and other firms doing business in environmental control.

EESS is an active membership organization dedicated to the professional advancement of the science and practice of environmental pollution control. EESS is active locally and internationally through its national memberships with the following international organizations:

  • International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE)
  • International Union of Air Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection Association (IUAPPEPA)
  • International Water Association (IWA)
  • Water Environmental Federation (WEF)


Specialized seminars, workshops, and conferences are organized by EESS at regular intervals and these form the backbone of the Society’s continuing education program. EESS also bids to host regional and international specialized conferences organized by international professional organizations of which it is the national member. These conferences normally deal with advances in specific fields of interests or issues of relevance to our parts of the world. All proceedings are published and are available for those unable to attend a conference.

As Singapore continues to modernize and becomes more affluent, peoples concern over the quality of environment in which they live increases; as manufacturers recognize the demand for quiet and reliable products, contributions of acoustics and vibration technologies have become significant. There will be a great potential and urgent need for acoustics and vibration technologies to be developed in the country.

The interest area of the Noise and Vibration group has continued to grow and covers a much wider scope than just focusing on environmental noise issues. The Noise & Vibration Group has been working closely with the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Environment, Productivity and Standard Board, Universities in organizing public seminars and conferences related to noise and vibration technologies.

The current chairman of Noise & Vibration Group is Mr. David Lindsey, the Director for Asian Operations of SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd (Singapore Branch). The scope of interest has been identified by the working committee of the Noise & Vibration Group, covering the following areas:

  • Building and Architectural Acoustics
  • Environmental, Community and Industrial Noise Control
  • Shipboard and Underwater Acoustics
  • Instrumentation and Test Facilities
  • Machine Vibration & Acoustics
  • Structural Dynamics and Seismic Engineering
  • Dynamic Design and Test Evaluation for Consumer/Electronic Products

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