The Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering


The Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering(KSNVE) was founded in July 1990 with the participation of members interested in noise and vibration engineering from various specialties such as mechanical, aeronautical, ocean, civil, architectural, electrical, and environmental engineering. KSNVE is a non-profit scientific society established by individual members in order to promote the industrial development through advancing the arts and sciences in the field of noise and vibration engineering. The society, consisting of over 1,600 members including 38 cooperative and 54 group members, covers broad fields of educational and technical activities in noise and vibration engineering, and is one of the most active professional societies in Korea, maintaining a strong tie with Korean industry.

Research on various noise and vibration engineering problems as well as codes/standards are frequently conducted by research committees with funds from government, foundations, and industries. Continuing education and training programs, symposia, and programmed lectures are conducted regularly by the four technical divisions within the Society: machinery, environment, construction and transportation. The four divisions directly reflect the immediate needs of Korean society and each division strives to deliver swift and practical noise control measures. The division of machinery and the division of construction have witnessed explosive growths over the last decade as these industries have thrived under the Korean aspiration to become a worldwide competitor. The division of transportation holds a unique importance as the Korean auto industry and other transportation industries such as newly introduced high-speed train and aircraft industries perceive noise as a main impediment. The division of enviornment is enjoying elevated attention as the Korean society grows sensitive to its enviornment. This year’s main topics are: construction noise /architectural acoustics, environmental effect of noise and vibration, instrumentation /evaluation techniques, noise/vibration testing of transportation systems, aerodynamic noise, underwater acoustics, evaluation of sound absorbers/barriers, sound field analysis, active noise/vibration control etc. Various publishing operations are conducted by the Society. Noise and Vibration, the official bimonthly magazine of the KSNVE, speaks for the Society, and disseminates latest information on engineering and technology, including about 20 articles of general interest and over 100 technical papers annually. Biannual proceedings of the Society contain technical papers presented at the spring and fall annual conferences. About 125 papers were presented at the Spring annual conference held recently. The society is also proud of recent publication of the Noise and Vibration Handbook (in Korean). In addition, many workshop /seminar /symposia materials are published regularly by the technical divisions.

KSNVE is an affiliated society of INCE and IIAV, and is playing a leading role in the relations with the international scene. To commemorate the tenth anniversary and the successful development of KSNVE into one of the most prominent societies in Korea, a large-scale conference is scheduled for the year 2000 at the resort island of Cheju. The society has also expressed its hope to host INTER-NOISE 2003 and has already kicked-off the preparations for the upcoming bid. Hosting of the event will boost the interest and research in the field of noise control engineering which is blossoming in the region where the industrial development has been most rapid over the last decades of the 20th century.

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