The Institute of Acoustics – United Kingdom


The Institute of Acoustics was formed in 1974 through the amalgamation of the Acoustics Group of the Institute of Physics and the British Acoustical Society, and is the premier organization in the United Kingdom concerned with all aspects of acoustics. It is a founding member of the European Acoustics Association.

At the time of the 1995 Annual Report, the total membership was 2240, made up of 14 Honorary Fellows, 224 Fellows, 1225 members, 546 associate members. 208 associates, and 42 student members. In addition to these individual members, the Institute is supported by 3 Key Sponsors and 19 Sponsoring Organizations. There are 9 regional branches in the United Kingdom as well as an overseas branch.

To reflect the broad spectrum and application of acoustics, 9 specialist groups have been formed covering the fields of Building Acoustics, Electroacoustics, Environmental Noise, Industrial Noise, Measurement, and Instrumentation, Musical Acoustics, Physical Acoustics, Speech, and Underwater Acoustics.

The operation of the Institute is guided by an elected Council and Executive Committee which meets every 3 months, together with Standing committees concerned with Membership, Meetings, Publications, Education, and Medals and Awards.

Each year, the Institute holds a 2 to 3-day Spring Conference, a weekend Autumn Conference, and annual conference on Reproduced Sound, and two 3-day Underwater Acoustics Group conferences. Also, approximately 12 one-day meetings and workshops are organized. All of the papers presented are published in the Proceedings of the Institute.

The Institute has hosted a number of major international conferences, including the 8th ICA in London in 1974, INTER-NOISE 83 in Edinburgh, and Euro?oise 92 at Imperial College, London. The Institute is currently organizing INTER-NOISE 96 in Liverpool.

The Institute publishes a bimonthly Acoustics Bulletin which contains technical papers, general articles, conference reports, news from industry, etc. There is also an annual Register of Members.

The Institute is very active in the educational field. In 1995, 194 candidates at 10 accredited centers studied for the award of Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control, including 20 students using the “tutored distance learning program.” The Institute also offers a Certificates of Competence in Workplace Noise Assessment and Environmental Noise Measurement.

A method for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) began in 1996 January. The Institute is a Nominated Body of the Engineering Council, and this provides a route for members to achieve Chartered and Incorporated Engineer status.

The Institute retains close ties with the Association of Noise Consultants, the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health, the British Society of Audiology, and the National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection. The Institute is represented on the Department of the Environment’s Noise Forum.

The Institute of Acoustics honors acousticians of distinction with three annual awards. The Rayleigh Medal is awarded, without regard to age, to persons of undoubted renown for outstanding contributions to the art and science of acoustics. The Tyndall Medal is awarded to a citizen of the United Kingdom, preferably under 40 years of age, for achievement and services in the field of acoustics. The A B Wood Medal is aimed at younger researchers in underwater acoustics, and is made alternately to acousticians domiciled in the United Kingdom and in Canada/USA.

More information on IOA activities may be obtained by contacting the Association at the address given NNI Directory which contains the link to this page.

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