The Acoustical Society of Lithuania


The most active Lithuanian acousticians are united in the Acoustical Society of Lithuania (LAS) that was established nine years ago. Lithuania declared the restoration of its Independence on 1990 March 11, the first of the Baltic countries to do so, and was the first to rally its acoustical scientists into the Acoustical Society of Lithuania (1990 July 08). The founder of the LAS is Professor D. Guzas who is currently serving as its president. The LAS publishes a journal, Ultragarsas.

There are eight main groups in the LAS. They are:

  • Architectural and constructional acoustics. Architectural and constructional acoustics applies known theoretical methods into practice.
  • Physical acoustics and acoustical electronics. Since 1960, Vilnius State University has been engaged in physical acoustics and acoustical electronics. Acoustic-electronic phenomena in semi- conductors have been developed.
  • Ultrasound Physics and techniques. The third group deals with ultrasound physics and techniques. This group includes the scientists of Kaunas Technological University.
  • Ultrasound in medicine and biology. This group investigates the use of ultra sound means in medicine and biology. Special devices are constructed.
  • Electrical acoustics. By means of well known methods devices for electroacoustical needs are being constructed. New schemes are being created.
  • Musical and speech acoustics. Musical and speech acoustics is being investigated by the scientists of Lithuanian Music Academy and by some scientific industrial enterprises.
  • Oscillations and industrial noise. Vilnius Technical University and Lithuanian Agricultural University solve issues pertaining to the reduction of production noise. Here special attention is accorded to the problems of sound insulation and noise reduction in pipes.
  • Environmental noise. At Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, work is undertaken in environmental noise control and in the acoustics of buildings. Many chairs and laboratories have done considerable work in this area. One of the main chairs where the science of acoustics has been developed is in the Professional Improvement Center and by the staff of the Research Center Vibrotechnika.

The recent work of Professor Guzas should be mentioned. One of his major works is the monograph in the English Language Noise Propagation by Cylindrical Pipes and Means of Its Reduction. This is the first monograph in English that was published after the reestablishment of an independent Lithuania. It deals with production noise control problems. The author has been working in the sphere of noise control for 35 years and for 25 years he has been involved in researching of sound insulation of shells, duct walls and coverings.

In the year 2000, the LAS will celebrate its first ten-year anniversary. The First Baltic- Acoustic Conference to be held on September 17-21 invites not only all acoustical scholars from the Baltic countries, but also the scientists from various countries of the world, who are interested in the science of acoustics and the generation of new ideas in this branch of science.

The conference will take place in the center of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, in the Congress House, with the best hotels, other scientific and cultural sights, and museums located nearby.

Paraphrasing the commonly accepted saying, it is better to come once that to read hundred times. Therefore the acoustical scientists from the entire world are invited to the first Lithuanian International Conference Baltic Acoustics, dedicated to the anniversary of the Acoustical Society of Lithuania.

Contact: LAS, Kriviu 15-2, Vilnius 2007, Lithuania, FAX: + 370 2 223451; e-

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