Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration


The Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV) was chartered in May of 2010 as a non-profit institute and engages in scientific, research and technical affairs.

The Society’s main aim is to develop, enhance and advance acoustics and vibration and qualitative development of qualified manpower, to improve educational and research affairs in specialized fields of vibration, acoustics, vibration and acoustic control.

The Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration has the following objectives:

  • To do national and international scientific and cultural research in collaboration with researchers and specialists, who deal with vibration, acoustics and vibration and acoustics control;
  • To cooperate with executive, scientific and research institutions in the field of evaluation, review and implementation of educational and research projects and plans related to the object of Society;
  • To exhort and encourage researchers and to honor the distinguished researchers and professors;
  • To provide educational, research and technical services;
  • To organize national, regional and international scientific congresses;
  • To publish books and scientific journals.

The total membership of the Society is 197. There are multiple distinct grades of membership – Associate Members are the founders of the Society as well as all people graduated with at least a master’s degree in mechanical, aerospace, electrical, civil, biomedical engineering, mechatronical, shipbuilding, railway, automotive, architectural engineering and physics as well as all affiliated fields of study, having qualified specialty and experience in the field related to acoustics and vibration, may be one of the associate members. Affiliate Membership are all persons graduated with a bachelor’s degree who are occupied in one of the fields mentioned for Associate Members for 5 years may join the Society. Student Membership are all students studying in mechanical, aerospace, electrical, civil, biomedical engineering, mechatronical, shipbuilding engineering and physics may join the Society. Honorary Membership means all Iranian and foreign nationals who obtained distinguished scientific rank in vibration, acoustics, vibration and acoustics control or has effectively supported the objectives of the Society. Corporate Members are the organizations that engaged in the relevant scientific and research fields may join the Society.

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