INCE/Europe is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in England and elected a Member Society of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE) at INTER-NOISE 2003 in Korea. The purpose of the organization is to assist individuals and groups working on the effects and control of noise and vibration.

INCE/Europe was formed in 1999 following discussions with Board Members of I-INCE having the primary goal of aiding the exchange of information about all aspects of the discipline with a dual emphasis on engineering and Europe. An important secondary aim is the promotion of specialist meetings on topics not readily covered in large international congresses.

At a meeting in May at EuroNoise 2003, INCE/Europe became a Sustaining Member of the European Acoustics Association (EAA), a move that promises to be beneficial to both parties. At the same congress EAA and INCE/Europe also became joint organisers of a Technical Committee on Noise. INCE/Europe also maintains pages on the Internet, which may be found by going to News items on this site are accessible to all visitors and it is intended that these will cover such aspects as events, standards, advances in technology, instrumentation and software.

As a measure to foster the development of INCE/Europe, individuals who work in or around the field of noise and vibration, its production, control and effects are invited to participate by becoming Affiliates Without Fee of INCE/Europe, using a form which may be found at join.htm

The activities of INCE/Europe are guided by a Board which presently comprises Jean Tourret, President (France), Bernard Berry (UK), Per Brüel (Denmark), Gerhard Hübner (Germany), Geoff Leventhall (UK), Patrick Luquet (France), Kari Pesonen (Finland) and Michel Vallet (France). The day-to-day management of INCE/Europe is in the hands of Roy Lawrence, who was organizer of INTER-NOISE 96 in Liverpool, and Cathy Mackenzie, who was Secretary of the UK Institute of Acoustics for 18 years.

The organization has been involved as co-sponsors of the Low Frequency Noise meeting in York, UK, in September 2002 and also the September 2004 Low Frequency Noise meeting at Maastricht, the Netherlands. INCE/Europe acted as organizers for the meeting on Sound Insulation of Windows and Glazing which was held immediately before INTERNOISE 2001 in The Hague. INCE/Europe has also been involved as a sponsoring organization for the 3-day meetings on Developments in Materials for Noise and Vibration Control in July 2001 and Fan Noise in September 2003, both events taking place at CETIM in France.

The Board is currently involved, along with EAA, in the planning for the next EuroNoise Congress which is scheduled for 2006. INCE/Europe has a number of meetings that are presently in the planning stage including Accuracy in Acoustic and Vibration Measurements in 2005, Guidance on the European Noise Directives for the Accession States to be held in one of the 10 accession countries at the end of 2004, and The Role of Urban Noise Monitoring Stations in support of the Environmental Directive, in Lyon, France in October 2004.

The address for correspondence is
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