Association of Argentine Acousticians


The Association of Argentine Acousticians (AdAA) was chartered in 1976 as a non-governmental, and cultural non-profit association of common good.

The aim of AdAA is to develop awareness of the value and necessity of Acoustics in its multiple aspects and applications, for which it tends to:

  1. Bring together those who make this science their usual occupation,
  2. Get, publish and disseminate knowledge in the fields of acoustics and its concomitant specialties
  3. To assist the progress of these sciences and techniques in the theory and practical application
  4. Promote regular meetings between members of the Association and to support and disseminate all technical and cultural scientific work related to the above objectives
  5. Provide training in the field of acoustics, by conducting courses, panels, seminars, technical visits to laboratories and industries.
  6. Publish and disseminate its own experience and that of others by any means it deems appropriate, technical standards related to the subject and the results of national and foreign thought and research.
  7. Encourage research, knowledge exchange and contact with similar national or foreign bodies, public or private, with related activities, or which in any way contribute to the same goals or objectives of these by-laws.


The total membership of AdAA is 170 members. People, businesses and/or public entities, mixed or private, national or foreign may associate with the AdAA, meeting the most stringent requirements of honesty and recognized moral, professional or vocationally linked with the purposes of this Association, and that not visibly manifest adherence to ideologies contrary to tradition an good manners which constitute the cultural heritage of our country, and whose name and corporate name shall appear in the Register of Members.

For the purposes of this Association the categories of members shall be: Academic Members – in this category enter major scientific personalities of recognized competence over the subject of AdAA purpose. They would advise the Board of Directors providing scientific knowledge and expertise to be applied to the purposes of the AdAA. Honorary members – personalities of the country or abroad with recognized expertise on the subject of scientific purpose and shall be appointed in recognition of his record by the Board of Directors in plenary meeting. Active Members – related individuals to professional activity, or companies, departments and/or institutions, in relation to the purposes of the Association, with vocation to lead the AdAA, and make it meet its lofty goals for acoustics. Adherent Members – will be the people, companies, departments and/or institutions that relate to the AdAA, for the purpose of requiring guidance and technical-educational advice on Acoustics and its applications. They will morally and materially support the fulfilment of the aims of AdAA.

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