Acoustical Society of Croatia


The Acoustical Society of Croatia (ASCRO) was founded in April 1998 as an association of scientists and experts which is involved in the promotion, study and enhancement of acoustics, electroacoustics, noise and vibration related issues as well as all corresponding areas, and also in gathering and enticing cooperation between scientists and experts of different profiles for the purpose of encouraging an efficient scientific and economic development of the Republic of Croatia, without the intention of making profit.

The aim of ASCRO is the study and enhancement of acoustics, electroacoustics, construction and architectural acoustics, protection from noise and vibrations, hydroacoustics, musical acoustics, communications, traffic, acoustics in medicine, industrial acoustics, electronics, ecology and similar areas. For the purpose of achieving these goals, ASCRO shall hire scientists and experts of different profiles.

In addition to the association’s general goals, ASCRO’s activities shall be:

  • Improving science and the profession, encouraging modern development in the area of ASRO’s work;
  • Working on the development and improvement of an interdisciplinary form of scientific and research work as well as their technical and technological application;
  • In terms of the area of its activities, forming and encouraging public and expert opinion and attitudes regarding all important technological and economic aspects in the Republic of Croatia;
  • Enticing, helping and organizing different types of training and interdisciplinary education, and testing knowledge in certain segments of the profession;
  • Organizing scientific and trade congresses of Croatian and international significance;
  • Publishing and supporting publishing of scientific and expert publications;
  • Founding and supporting the work of sections in all ASCRO’s basic activities;
  • Cooperating with other similar organizations and societies in the country and abroad;
  • Participating in the creation of educational plans and programmes;
  • Cooperating with exhibition organizations and companies for the production of acoustic equipment, devices and instruments, and organizing a specialized exhibition;
  • Organizing scientific and expert lectures;
  • Gathering members (scientists and experts) who deal with problems regarding ASCRO’s basic activities;
  • Gathering members in terms of groups – institutions and organizations which are involved in ASCRO’s basic activities;
  • Participating in the creation of legal proposals, regulations and standards from ASCRO’s area of work;
  • Participating in matters of environmental protection.


The total membership of ASCRO is 30. Every citizen of the Republic of Croatia with legal capacity who accepts the Articles of Association, pays membership and meets all other terms pursuant to the Articles Association and the al can be a member of ASCRO, under equal terms. A foreign citizen can be a member in accordance with the law. All members shall be given a membership card. In addition to physical entities, legal entities interested in the Society’s activities can also be members of the Society.

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