The French Acoustical Society (S.F.A.)

Prepared for Noise/News International, 2001 March.

Created in 1948 as the Group of French-speaking Acousticians (G.A.L.F.), the French Acoustical Society (S.F.A.) has the following objectives:

To develop and circulate scientific and technical information,
to foster the interdisciplinary character of acoustics,
and to act as a focal point for all French-speaking acousticians.
The S.F.A. has a membership of about 1000, drawn from varying backgrounds with different interests (engineers, researchers, teachers, biologists, architects, lawyers, psychologists, physicians, etc.) and from all kinds of professional activity (government, industry, academia, consultants, etc.). Its members, who come from many other countries as well as France, are organized in specialized groups according to their interests within the broad field of acoustics: musical acoustics, hearing, speech communication, ultrasonics, underwater acoustics, measurement and signal processing, architectural acoustics, electrodynamics, industrial and environmental acoustics, and aeroacoustics.

The means by which S.F.A. attempts to achieve its objectives are three-fold: