ProAcústica | Brazilian Association for Acoustical Quality

ProAcústica Brazilian Association for Acoustical Quality is a nonprofit entity with the purpose of congregating companies and professionals, willing to leverage the development of Applied Acoustic in Brazil, a field that also covers Vibration Science. Created in 2010 and released in the market in 2011, it was born from the initiative of companies and professionals who identified the opportunity to disclose to all of society the importance of acoustic quality in buildings and the environment, as a well being and public health factor.

The association has the mission of spreading the benefits of acoustic solutions in civil construction as a primary factor for the comfort and health of the users whether at home, at work or any other urban space, as well as the sustainability factor of the enterprises and the environment.

ProAcústica is focused in participating in the debate of the questions relative to “acoustic quality” in the entire civil construction productive chain to foment the discussion about environmental and habitability issues; collaborating in the development of technical standards, especially works of revision and adaptation of the Performance Standard (ABNT NBR 15575); of laws for acoustic materials and applications, as well as the continuous search for minimum performance patterns that result in a better quality of life.

The strategic guidelines that direct the entity’s current and future actions are the capture of new associates; the construction of the relationship with associated companies, seeking greater interaction and continuous alignment; consolidation in the civil construction and acoustic market; the establishment of a continuous program of actions, support, content and disclosure to various audiences aside from the consolidation of sector partnerships with other entities, governments and society.

Mission: To promote and disclose to society the importance of a good technique, an acoustic quality in the buildings and the environment, as a factor of well being and health.

Vision: To be a reference as an entity and acting proactively in the definitions and disclosure of good practices in acoustic solutions.


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