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I-INCE Technical Activities

Sponsorship of I-INCE Symposia on Noise Control Engineering

How to Apply:

Deadline for Proposals April 30, 2021


Activity Chair(s) Summary
Overview of Technical Study Groups (TSG) Various Each group studies one important aspect of noise and its effect on society, and then issues a formal I-INCE report
Future Congress Technical Planners Meeting (FCTP) VP of Technical Activities and next INTERNOISE technical program chair Plan the technical programs of next congresses and offer advice on other aspects via meetings held at congress.
Next meeting be held 1-2pm (lunch) Wednesday 2019 June 19 at INTER-NOISE 2019 in Madrid.
Young Professionals Grant Program I-INCE YP Coordinator and VP Technical Activities Offers up to 20 travel grants (600 Euro per recipient) to young professionals to attend the next INTER-NOISE Congress
Young Professionals Workshop I-INCE YP Coordinator and VP of Technical Activities A mentorship session for young professionals and students held at INTER-NOISE congress
Practice of Noise Control Case Studies School VP of Technical Activities, Luigi Maffei and Joe Cuschieri May be help on the Sunday before the INTER-NOISE Congress Opening Ceremony. By invitation only. Four presentations focused on different Noise-Control problems with lunch. First held in 2018 in Chicago.
I-INCE Annually Sponsored Symposia Various Symposia on Noise sponsored by I-INCE.
Applications due in April in the year before the symposium takes place.
Application for Symposia in 2020 due 2019 April 30.
Miscellaneous Various
  1. I-INCE report on noise control engineering education (based on the books on prior education workshops).
  2. I-INCE Website and Information Dissemination
  3. Represent I-INCE on the ICA Board
  4. I-INCE Lecture Videos (2017, 2018, 2019)

I-INCE Reports

The following TSG reports have been published, and are available on the I-INCE web site:


The principal technical activities of I-INCE are carried out by I-INCE Technical Study Groups (TSGs) authorized by the I-INCE General Assembly on recommendation of the I-INCE Board of Directors. The following is a summary of the activities of each group. The conveners of the Technical Study Groups are also listed where available.

Technical Studies Groups
TSG Title Convener(s) Status Comments
1 Noise of Recreational Activities in Outdoor Areas Philip Dickenson Disbanded Final Report posted on the I-INCE web site
2 Noise Labels for consumer and Industrial Products Bernard Berry Disbanded Gathered material transmitted to co-conveners of TSG 7 for possible use
3 Assessment of the Effectiveness of Noise Policies and Regulations Hideki Tachibana, William Lang Disbanded Final Report posted on the I-INCE web site
4 Noise and Reverberation Control for Schoolrooms Zerhan Yuksel, Carsten Svensson Disbanded Work terminated due to lack of progress
5 Noise as a Global Policy Issue
Lawrence Finegold Disbanded Final Report published in NCEJ and posted on the I-INCE web site
6 Environmental Noise Impact Assessment and Mitigation Lawrence Finegold Disbanded Final report posted on the I-INCE web site
7 Harmonization and Implementation of Global Noise Policies William Lang, Tjeert ten Wolde Disbanded An I-INCE Noise Control Evaluation Panel has been established to continue this work.
9 Metrics for Environmental Noise Assessment and Control Andre Fiebig, Paul Schomer Disbanded Final report completed and published on the I-INCE site in 2015
10 "Buy Quiet" Programs Marco Beltman, Robert Hellweg Active
  • Buy Quiet Symposium held in 2016 right after IN16 Congress in Hamburg
  • Final report draft is completed
NCTC I-INCE Noise Control Technology Committee Tor Kihlman, William Lang Disbanded  

Recent Activities of TSG Groups

TSG 10: Buy Quiet Programs
Marco Beltman and Robert Hellweg, Co-conveners
The objective of I-INCE Technical Study Group 10 (TSG-10) is to make "Buy-Quiet" programs known to purchasers of equipment to which workers are exposed (such as for the construction industry) and to professional buyers. Related programs for industry and consumers such as labeling, declarations, and noise ratings will not be covered by TSG-10. TSG-10 held a one-day symposium on "Buy Quiet" right after the INTER-NOISE 2016 Congress on August 25, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. The TSG 10 final report is in review, final report should be posted early 2019.

Future Congress Technical Planners (FCTP)

The Future Congress Technical Planners (FCTP) meeting includes the I-INCE Vice President for Technical Activities, general and technical chairs for future approved congresses, people interested in organizing sessions or a group of sessions at the next congress, the FCTP Advisory Committee, as well as recent past congress general and technical chairs. The goal is to offer advice on all aspects of congress technical planning including the maximum number of parallel sessions, the type of Structured Sessions, the need for Poster Sessions, etc. The FCTP may recommend new concepts for future INTER-NOISE Congresses. The concepts may involve items that are specific to a particular Congress and which depend upon local circumstances and local ideas. The FCTP holds two meetings at the INTER-NOISE Congress, a Pre-FCTP meeting on Sunday and the full FCTP meeting on Wednesday. The Pre-FCTP meeting is an informal meeting wherein the minutes of the previous FCTP meeting are discussed, and the technical plans for the next congress are explained. The full FCTP meeting discusses the technical plan for the next two congresses and the experience of the congress that has just ended. The principal task is to assist the Organizing Committees of future INTER-NOISE Congresses with planning for Structured (or Special) Sessions as well as Poster Sessions. The primary efforts focus on the next Congress, but ideas may be considered for the next + 1 or even the next + 2 Congress.

Advisors to FCTP

The I-INCE board authorized the VP of Technical Activities to appoint 6 advisors to the Future Congress Technical Planners committee on 2012 August 22 in order to ensure consistency among the technical programs of INTER-NOISE congresses. Five of the six advisors are the technical program chairs of the past and future INTER-NOISE congresses while the sixth advisor is appointed by the VP; these appointments formally recognize the important contributions made by the technical program chairs to the noise control engineering community and to the body of knowledge via congress proceedings. Accordingly, the following advisors are appointed, with their terms indicated.

Name Country Email Tech. Program of Term (ending)
David Herron USA Inter-Noise 2018 4 years (Dec. 2022)
Teik Lim
USA Inter-Noise 2018 4 years (Dec. 2022)
Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp
Germany Inter-Noise 2016 4 years (Dec. 2021)
Li Cheng
Hong Kong Inter-Noise 2017 6 years (Dec. 2020)
Yeon Jun Kang
Korea Inter-Noise 2015 5 years (Dec. 2019)
Carsten Spehr
Germany Various 4 years (Dec. 2022)

FCTP Meeting Held in August 2017

(Patricia Davies and Antonio Perez-Lopez, Co-Chairs

There was a pre-FCTP meeting on Sunday, 2018, August 26 where the technical programs for INTER-NOISE 2018 (Chicago) and 2019 (Madrid) were discussed. An advanced preview of the INTER-NOISE 2020 (Seoul) technical program was also given. Suggestions for each program were made. The formal FCTP meeting on 2018, August 29 was well attended and many useful suggestions and comments were received for the technical programs for INTER-NOISE 2019 and 2020. Minutes of these meetings have been circulated to those attending, INTER-NOISE congress organizers, and I-INCE leaders.

Key Contacts for upcoming INTER-NOISE Congresses

INTER-NOISE 2019 Antonio Perez-Lopez,
José Salvador Santiago,
Luigi Maffei,
INTER-NOISE 2020 Semyng Wang,
Jin Yong Jeon,
Yan-Hann Jim,
Yeon June Kang,

I-INCE Lecture Videos (from 2017 and 2018)

I-INCE started the distinguished I-INCE lecture series in 2017. This involves selection of a plenary speaker at an INTER-NOISE or an I-INCE Symposium (in consultation with the congress and symposium organizers) and then to disseminate the lecture video on a topic that may appeal to a wider audience.

  1. I-INCE Distinguished Lecture (2018) on Integration of Sound Quality into Product Design
    Dr. Patricia provides an overview of the processes required to integrate sound quality assessments into product design. This lecture is recommended for both technical and non-technical audience. This lecture is recommended for both noise control engineering professionals, engineering designers and students.
  2. I-INCE Distinguished Lecture (2017) on Tire Noise and Quiet Roads
    Dr. Paul Donavan provides a comprehensive review of the tire noise issues and the role of payment, and suggests measurement methods and noise control solutions. Comparative sound files illustrate the concepts. This lecture is recommended for both technical and non-technical audience.
  3. Lecture on Flow Induced Noise & Vibration (2017)
    This lecture presents a report on the 2017 I-INCE Symposium in April 2017 at Penn State University (USA). Dr. Stephen Hambric highlights some of the work presented at the Second Flow Induced Noise and Vibration - Issues and Aspects (FLINOVIA II) Symposium. This lecture is recommended for both noise control engineering professionals and students.
  4. Lecture on Soundscapes
    Dr. Andre Fiebig, plenary speaker at INTER-NOISE 2019 is being planned.


Young Professionals Grant Program

In 2010, I-INCE initiated a grant program for noise control engineering students and young professionals who were within the first ten years of their careers. The goals of the grant is to expose students and young acousticians to senior professionals, give them experience in public presentation and paper writing, and assist them in the development of networking abilities. In the beginning, I-INCE allocated 12 to 18 grants, with 500 Euros per recipient, to pay for conference registration and some travel expenses. This grant enabled these young professionals and students to attend the INTER-NOISE Congress and network with senior engineers. The Board approved an increase in the grant from 500 EUR to 600 EUR from 2014 (up to 20 grants per year). Particulars of the grants awarded in 2018 are:

History is as follows.

More detailed information, including rules and history, can be found at this link.

Young Professionals Mentoring Workshop

The goals of the Young Professionals workshop are to provide mentorship via case studies and professional issues presented by world-renowned experts and to hold informal discussions between young professionals and I-INCE leaders and senior noise control engineers. Once the winners of the Young Professionals Grant have been determined, all of the participants are invited to this workshop to gain valuable contacts and view presentations by noise control professionals. Information about the history of the workshop and a summary of the presentations made at some previous workshops can be found at this link.

I-INCE Sponsored Symposia

Year Title Location Chair
2011 Inducing "Buy-Quiet" Purchasing Attitudes through Simplified Product Noise Ratings Paris, France Jean Tourett
2012 Noisy Motorcycles - An Environmental Quality-of-Life Issue Washington, DC, USA George Maling, William Lang
2013 Lessening the Severe Health Effects of EU Traffic Noise by Emission Reductions Innsbruck, Austria Tor Kihlman
2014 Cost-Benefit Analysis-Noise Barriers and Quieter Pavements Washington, DC, USA Judy Rochat, William Lang
2015 Engineering a Quieter America: Progress on Consumer and Industrial Product Noise Reduction Washington, DC USA Adnan Akay, Eric Wood, George Maling
2016 Buy Quiet Hamburg, Germany Marco Beltman, Robert Hellweg, Patrick Kurtz
2017 Workshop on Flow Induced Noise and Vibration - Issues and Aspects (FLINOVIA II) Penn State Univ., State College, PA, USA Stephen Hambric, Amanda Hanford

I-INCE Symposium in 2011

The Symposium was held on 2011 July 5-6 on the subject of "Inducing "Buy-Quiet" Purchasing Attitudes through Simplified Product Noise Ratings". This was the first I-INCE sponsored symposium. Presentation PDFs can be found at the symposium website here.

I-INCE Symposium in 2012

The Symposium was held on 2012 October 24 on the subject of "Noisy Motorcycles - An Environmental Quality-of-Life Issue" at the National Academy of Engineering in Washington DC. The report is available on the INCE/USA website at this link.

I-INCE Symposium in 2013

The purpose of the I-INCE Seminar in 2013 in Innsbruck, Austria ("Lessening the severe health effects of traffic noise in cities by emission reductions") was to clarify the effectiveness of present methods and policies used to investigate the possibilities to achieve a substantial reduction in road traffic noise, the major noise source in cities around the world. For more information, please visit
Under the heading "Quieter Cities of the Future" are two links.

I-INCE Symposium in 2014

The symposium "Cost-Benefit Analysis-Noise Barriers and Quieter Pavements" was held 2014 January 16 at National Academies' Keck Center in Washington, DC. The I-INCE Board authorized 5000 Euros. This is the fifth symposium of the I-INCE symposium series. The report can be found here.

I-INCE Symposium in 2015

The symposium on "Engineering a Quieter America: Progress on Consumer and Industrial Product Noise Reduction", a follow-up to the 2010 National Academy of Engineering workshop on Technology for a Quieter America report , was held over 2015 October 6-7 at the National Academies' Keck Center in Washington, DC. This symposium was organized by the INCE Foundation, Technology for a Quieter America Follow-up Team, and INCE/USA. The I-INCE VP of Technical Activities attended this symposium and made a presentation on I-INCE mission and activities. The final report on this symposium is available here.

I-INCE Symposium in 2016

The "Buy-Quiet" was organized by TSG 10, and held in conjunction with INTER-NOISE 2016. The I-INCE Board authorized 5000 Euros for this 1-day symposium. Information about the Symposium may be found at the following web address:

I-INCE Symposium in 2017

Second Workshop on Flow Induced Noise and Vibration - Issues and Aspects (FLINOVIA II) was organized by Stephen Hambric and Amanda Hanford, and held (April 27-27, 2017) at the Penn State University, USA.30 presentations by internationally known researchers were given, half from speakers outside the USA, on topics ranging from fluid dynamics of turbulent flow, to structural excitation and response, to radiated sound. The I-INCE report (Inter-Noise 2017 paper) summarizes the current state-of-the-art in flow-induced noise and vibration, drawing examples from the presentations at the FLINOVIA. Computational and experimental methods are discussed, along with recent applications of methodologies to aerospace and marine vehicles and turbomachinery. A video-taped/recorded version of the Inter-Noise 2017 paper is available here. See this link for more details on the Symposium:,_2017.html


1. I-INCE Report on Noise Control Engineering Education

Three workshops were held during 2007 and 2008 on noise control engineering education:

  1. U.S. Education in Noise Control Engineering,
    held during NOISE-CON 2007 in Reno, Nevada, 2007 October 23.
  2. European Education in Noise Control Engineering,
    held during ICA2007 MADRID in Madrid, Spain, 2007 September 4.
  3. Asia-Pacific Education in Noise Control Engineering,
    held during INTER-NOISE 2008 in, Shanghai, China, 2008 October 27

Following each of these workshops a source book was written and distributed to panelists, attendees, and other interested individuals. The three articles then underwent additional copy editing, and were published in three issues of Noise/News International (NNI). This single PDF file contains the three articles as extracted from the issues of NNI. Further, readers may be interested in Chapter 9 ("Education Supply and Industry Demand for Noise Control Specialists", pp. 121-130) of the book entitled, Technology for a Quieter America, National Academies Press (2010), available online here.

2. I-INCE Website and Information Dissemination


Editorial on the Technical Activities in the NNI (2012 June issue)

Feature article on the Young Professionals programs in the NNI (2012 September issue)

I-INCE Board and VP Action Items

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